Master Karate Todd’s Workout

Master Karate Todd workout

A Look at Master Karate Todd’s Workout
Designed for children, the Master Karate Todd’s Workout DVD is an interactive video that makes getting active a whole lot more fun. The DVD allows the entire family to get in on the excitement, encouraging healthy lifestyles and living a “green” life.  Additionally there are tons of other things that can be learned on the DVD, including organic food choices and basic karate moves. For those looking for a fun way to spend quality time together while learning at the same time, this is the DVD that can make it all happen.

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 Who is Master Karate Todd?
Master Karate Todd leads the DVD. He is a black belt martial arts master who enjoys taking every step he can toward living a healthier lifestyle.  Throughout the video you will hear Master Karate Todd offering healthy eating tips and information that helps kids better understand why all of that junk food (even while tasting so good) is a bad idea.  Kids will not only know what foods to avoid at home but while they’re out and about, too. The importance of drinking water is also outlined in the video. Since kids usually prefer juices and even soda, hearing Master Karate Todd tell them they need water to replenish and hydrate the body is wonderful. Kids seem to listen to the Master, and even if your little ones aren’t keen on the thought of water, Master Karate Todd will have them thinking differently.
While the importance of healthy eating is incorporated into these videos, the fun of karate is the highlight of the workout DVD. What child wouldn’t love to learn how to protect themselves with the awesome skills of the black belt pro Master Karate Todd? Children of all ages will enjoy participating in these simple martial arts moves. They’ll certainly want to do it again and again, and again! Children as young as 2 will love to get in on all of the healthy workout activities.


Get Your Health and Your Workout On
The DVD is 25 minutes in length so it is just the right time for even those with short attention spans. You can safely and easily use Master Karate Todd’s workout DVD as often as you would like for exciting and healthy learning. It is designed for use 2 to 3 days per week. It is safe for all ages and certainly more fun than you could imagine!

It is sometimes hard to get the little ones to eat healthy. We try as hard as we can but oftentimes fall short of convincing our children why they should eat a certain way. With Master Karate Todd on the scene, it is so much easier to persuade them!  They will want to eat healthy, drink water, get up and get active as they learn such new and exciting skills as those that are presented on the DVD. Make sure you add this title to your DVD collection before time runs out!

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