10 Healthy Halloween Treats

10 Healthy Halloween Treats

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner. In addition to helping your children pick out the perfect costume, you might consider some healthy alternatives for your halloween/fall theme party. There are so many amazing treats available for children to enjoy in fall. However, the challenge is that most activities, parties and events have an abundance of treats that are  unhealthy for the children to eat in excess. If we are being completely honest, a lot of the treats are unhealthy for anyone to eat in excess, child or adult. Therefore, during this time, it is important to be mindful and help reduce the amount of sugars, sweets and unhealthy options available to children and adults alike.

There are so many interesting ideas available for children and adults to enjoy that are healthy and still taste amazing. We have compiled a small list of fun and interesting ideas for healthy Halloween treats that you might like:

• Monster Mouth Apples
You start with a quarter of an apple, and you make two slices to make it look like an open mouth with the peel being the lips. Next take cracked almond slices and push them in to the apple to look like jagged teeth. Organic apples and raw almonds are a healthy choice.

• Eye Balls
If you are looking to create eye balls, one easy way is to use grapes, any color, and put a little dot of icing on the grape to make it look like eyeballs. They are easy and can be applied to other recipes and foods for additional decoration.

• Zombie Fingers
To make these, all you need to do is carve out the knuckles on baby carrots and make them look like little fingers. You can serve these with your favorite healthy yogurt dip or dressing.

• Brains
Need brains for your Halloween operation? You can now find a mold that looks like a brain online and in specialty stores. You can make it with sugar free Jello. Vegetarian alternatives for this one include Agar-Agar and carrageen instead of Jello.

• Graveyard Goo
This is another one that would go great with other recipes or used in a table setting with other items. For this one, use sugar free chocolate mousse and spread it in a pan. Crush fat free graham crackers over the top. You can then use uncrushed graham crackers for headstones.

• Ghostly Grahams
For these you need yogurt-covered raisins, sugar free icing and graham crackers. Take the graham crackers and form them into the shape of a ghost as best as you can. Then cover with icing and use the raisins for the eyes and mouth.

• Mummies
For this yummy snack, you will need whole wheat English muffins, pizza sauce, low fat shredded mozzarella, and olives. Take ½ of the English muffin and cover with pizza sauce. Cover the top ¼ with the mozzarella. Just below that, place two olives for eyes, then cover the last 1/2 with more mozzarella. Place these in the oven and bake until the cheese is melted. 

• Honey Graham Haunted House
To make this you need honey grahams, honey or your favorite healthy icing. Using the graham crackers, construct a haunted house and use the honey or icing as a glue to keep it together. The more uneven it looks the more haunted it will look. This one looks good with the graveyard goo listed above!

• Scary Cupcakes
Instead of using oil, substitute applesauce, and instead of using eggs you can substitute egg whites or egg beaters. Many healthy recipes can be found online. After you have baked your favorite flavored cupcake, decorate them with a scary design. We used the grape eyeballs and blended raspberry juice and drew jagged lines with a toothpick to make bloodshot eye cupcakes!

• Creepy frozen hand
For this one, you take a clear plastic glove and fill it with water. Put in the freezer and once it is frozen, carefully slide the ice out of the glove and add it to your favorite healthy drink in a punchbowl. We used V8 fusion berry flavor.

These healthy Halloween treats are a great way to enjoy all of the upcoming Halloween fun without all of the calories and sugar found in traditional sweet treats. Tell us your favorite in the comments!

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