App Review: Preschool Academy

Preschool Academy Educational App

Price: $2.99 | Category: Games | Released 1.09.2014

As we start the New Year, you might be considering some new fun and educational apps that you can load onto your iOS device, The Preschool Academy App is an ideal app that allows young children to engage and remain engaged a fun learning activity. We love this app for a number of reasons and think you will too. Today, it’s important to create apps that are educational and entertaining. The Preschool Academy App has a focus on cognitive skills and childhood development. The idea is the help children engage in a learning activity while learning to produce and organize new information.

Children learning to discover have a natural and intuitive way to learn by touch and repetition activities.
The Preschool Academy app is split into 4 “worlds” that react in four different improving levels, sweets, monsters, musical instruments and robots. Each world has a different experience and every activity engages the user ins a way that easy and fun to use. As we know, early education begins with eye and hand recognition and basic visual skills. The ability to utilize logical thinking and observation along with memory and listening skills is key in this app.
Some of the best features that we like are shadow games, mazes, puzzles, and object connection situations. The objects on the screen combined with memory games set this apart from other apps that you may have tried.

Once children begin to think consistently about numbers and letters, they begin to formulate a way to start learning how to read and write utilizing numbers and the alphabet. This is an exciting time for any parent or teacher.

In one instance, kids get the opportunity to take an adventure around each world that follows a comical and entertaining character who get the chance to fly about from activity to activity who also has an opportunity to obtain a bonus and collect extra energy as well. At the conclusion of every world, children are also presented with a “Certificate of Excellence” which is something parents and educators can certainly appreciate. The Voice over is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German!

If you are interested in this app click here to visit iTunes now, Preschool Academy. We hope that you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments section below. We are dedicated to highlighting fun and educational apps that parents and children will love. Thanks for visiting

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Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

About the Developer:
Ebooks & kids is an Italian start-up that creates and produces animated, interactive applications and ebooks dedicated to all children from 2 to 10 years, with playful-educational content in logical ability, observation, memory, as well as enhancing the mathematical knowledge and writing and reading skills.Preschool Academy

Ten New Years Activities for Kids

New Years Activities for Kids

The New Year is here and in addition to sticking to your own resolutions, you may be thinking about something fun and unique that you can do with your children to start the year. We have put together ten New Year’s activities for kids that we hope will spark an idea for something new and fun for your family.

1. Make a New Calendar
You can find several unique and fun ways for kids to make a calendar, found on sites like Pinterest and other craft sites that focus on kids’ activities. This is a great way for children to keep track of the current date, seasons, holidays and events. You can also use this as an opportunity to highlight important holidays such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day by researching and looking up facts and information and create a fun learning activity to go along with making a calendar. 

2. Kids New Year’s Resolution List
The New Year is a great time for kids to set goals and make resolutions for the upcoming year. One way to start this is to go old school and pull out a pen and pad of paper. Jot down ideas and discuss some attainable goals with your children for the upcoming year. You can set them up in whatever increments make sense for your child’s age and grade. Setup weekly, monthly or bi-monthly goals to keep them thinking about them throughout the year. Setting goals and making resolutions is a big step towards success and help prevent procrastination.

3. Pick 5 places in your city that you have never visited
When you select five places to visit near your home that you have never been to, it encourages you to get out and try something new. One idea is to select a restaurant that you have never been to. This is an excellent way to get kids to try new foods and expand on the foods they already like. Look for coupons and keep an eye out on the daily deal sites or visit to save money if you plan on taking the whole family. Another idea that is affordable, pick a local park that you have not visited before and plan a trip there. Kids love exploring new places and this is also a great way to get children out of the house, active and moving.

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6 Educational Vocabulary Apps

Kids Vocabulary Apps

As children begin to expand their vocabulary they seek fun ways to pick up new words. With the growth of the learning app market, there is an amazing variety of vocabulary apps that your children or students may benefit from. Whether you have an android, iPhone, iPad, Windows or a tablet there is something for everyone.

Every child is different and learns at a different pace so it is important to remember that the first or second app might not be one they like. We have heard parents say sometimes they end up with way too many learning apps on their device. This can be as a result of searching for that game that they enjoy and learn from.

There is a number of different categories too: puzzles, object games, word games and many more. The key is finding out what is fun and entertaining for them while they are building their vocabulary.

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Bake Holiday Treats with your Kids

Bake holiday treats with your kids

Baking is a very fun and timeless activity that you and your children can do together for almost any occasion. It is now easier than ever to find tasty, healthy alternatives for just about any classic treat for any holiday. Baking projects can range from being very simple to very difficult depending on what you decide to take on. If you decide to make some holiday treats with your little ones, choose a difficulty level that is simple and age appropriate for your kids to grasp. Baking projects can give your children the opportunity to learn something new, build motor skills and have a greater appreciation for food and what exactly goes into it.

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10 Fun Kids Camping Activities

Camping is an amazing way to spend the summer with the family, however, the kids can certainly get easily bored if you haven’t prepared them with an assortment of activities to keep them occupied.

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Let Nature Teach Your Child

Modern day urban lifestyles, with its fast cars, glitzy malls and ever present technological gadgets leaves us with little time to connect to nature.

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Classroom Technology & Early Education

Technology plays a key role in the classroom today. Gone are the days when teachers used only flash cards and writing worksheets to teach alphabets, numbers and other basics to students.

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